JACON 2005

Jacon was great this year. New venue. I was especially glad because I distributed almost 500 copies of my comic book! If you liked my book, Prelude to Redemption stay tuned there is more coming. Tell your friends! If you were confused...well, did you think I was going to tell the whole thing in the intro! Lifes a mystery!

If you really want to know the rough outline of the story, I have an older version of the story published somewhere in the internet. Enough clues! Enjoy life!

Looks, its manga Dante!

This portrait was done by the talented Brionna. Check out her stuff at http://brionna.deviantart.com

Here are some more pictures from Jacon!

I kept on seeing these girls around. They are hard core into costumes!

See there they are again!

Red vs Blue creators

I caught the guy eating! I manually stiched 2 photos to get this rigged panorama.

Interesting goth type peoples. Nice folks

Spike and Vash! Notice they have print copies of my comic!

Aha. My Buddies Brian and Jam

This is Brian's booth for his store Anime Collectables


This is Rebecca Forstadt and myself. If you didn't know she played the voice of Lynn Minmei in Robotech. She still has her cute minmie voice too. She was a sweet heart and It was really cool getting to meet her. Why? I don't know. Who didn't want to meet Minmie when they were a kid?

Different angle of that cosplay group.

This girl had the Ring poem from J R R Tolkien's Lord of the rings tattooed on her arms! Tats are not really my thing but these were cool!

Spike again. Cool kid. I kept on bring up how spike used a Jerico 941 or a Beretta. The closest the had at the con to Jerico was a desert eagle. The Jerico has a version in the states called the Baby Eagle. Same company makes both of them.

Didn't know who these guys were but they were spirited

This is what I call the GOD club, Game of Death club. all we need now is the goalee wearingthe Bruce Lee suit.